A turnkey gourmet concept

Many establishments (hotels, company catering, fast food, transport catering) want to please their customers by offering them gourmet and varied dishes but sometimes have limited technical and human resources. It is these establishments that Smart Cuisine primarily addresses! The concept: quality products, with taste and identity, fresh or frozen, in single portions, easily returnable by limiting the number of steps and whose preparation does not require extensive technical knowledge. “Smart Cuisine will be able, for example, to meet the needs of hotels, for the different moments of consumption, and in particular room service when their customers arrive late and the receptionist, who is versatile, must be able to offer a range of high-quality dishes”, explains Stéphane Landry, Marketing Director Transgourmet France.

Recipes that make the difference

Smart Cuisine offers around sixty products and recipes for all the components of a service, a menu: starter, main course, dessert. The concept adapts to five major consumer trends: traditional, ethnic, veggie / vegan, healthy and trendy. To create this new offer, Transgourmet worked in cooperation with manufacturers and partners to develop new recipes. These include, for example, Thai stir-fried noodles, a lentil dahl, a Bubarry velouté or even a potato-crushed veal axoa. “The idea is to bring a unique experience to the consumer”, adds Stéphane Landry, also specifying that “The offer will expand rapidly in the coming months and will evolve over the seasons”.

In addition, the concept systematically includes the provision of a production sheet for each recipe. Very soon, this approach will be accompanied by an offer adapted to the implementation with state-of-the-art cooking equipment programmed for all recipes.

The offer is currently presented throughout France by the culinary and commercial teams of Transgourmet, mobilized to promote this new solution.

With the Smart Cuisine concept, Transgourmet is accelerating its role as a global solution provider