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Is it time for Cadillac to develop its own supercar to compete with brands like Aston Martin or even Bugatti?

Cadillac has never dared to produce a supercar. Too bad, because the American manufacturer had enjoyed a lot with its Cien concept car with a V12 in the rear center position and a particularly futuristic style. Presented in 2002, the machine developed some 750 horsepower and theoretically had enough to show the best supercars of the time. But the car will never reach the production stage.

What if Cadillac took advantage of the arrival of the new eighth generation Chevrolet Corvette, with its engine in the rear center position, to develop its own version of the super sports car? This is exactly what Kleber Silva offers with its virtual vision of a Cadillac supercar based on the Corvette C8.

A Ferrari SF90 killer?

In its future high-end version, the Corvette C8 must have a hybrid V8 developing around 1000 horsepower. By imagining a Cadillac supercar equipped with the same powertrain, the Ferrari SF90 would probably be in sight. Or maybe even the Bugatti Chiron? But beware, Cadillac has no such project at the moment.

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