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Who would like a "shooting brake" version of the Bugatti Centodieci?

The Bugatti Centodieci is a sports car closely based on the Chiron. It takes over the chassis, but also the large W16 engine with four turbos and eight liters of displacement. It develops a hundred more horses, ie 1600 horses instead of 1500. Inspired by the EB 110 from the 90s, this Centodieci aims more dynamic efficiency on the circuit than top speed.

This Centodieci will only be sold in ten copies, at an astronomical price of eight million euros per unit. It is always less than La Voiture Noire, whose new value approached twelve million euros excluding tax.

A Centodieci shooting brake

Yasid Design had fun imagining a Shooting Brake version of this Centodieci, with a much higher stern. Not only is this car only virtual, but it would not be used as a kidney since the engine is located at the rear: this modified design would therefore not allow more trunk or usable space to be released.

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