Locked in their homes because of the confinement, some French people have discovered real cooking talents. The revenue sharing site, Marmiton saw his attendance increase by 30% some months. An incredible success, more than twenty years after its creation.

Sweet recipes to treat yourself

In addition to bread, pasta and quiches, users of the app sought to indulge themselves by cooking comforting and warm dishes. On the podium of the most popular recipes during confinement, we therefore find the chocolate fondant, the Lorraine quiche and at the top of the audiences, the recipe for pancake batter.

“Between early March and the end of April, the recipe was viewed over 126,000 times,” confides Aurélie Martel, general manager of Marmiton. Between March and December, the recipe even shows 1.2 million views! A dizzying figure that can be surprising when you know the simplicity of this recipe but which puts Brittany in the spotlight.

Pancake batter, a “hit” from Marmiton

“In fact, the pancake batter recipe has been one of the most viewed recipes on our site every year for several years, but it is true that with containment, it has been very successful,” underlines the general manager.