France – A psychoanalyst dissects, through her book which promises to tell us everything, the psychology of Zinedine Zidane, the legend of the France team and international football, as a player and then as a coach of Real Madrid, and this is Zizou the Marseillais, in whose veins runs the blood of an Algerian, whose roots then go back to the top of the mountains of Kabylia.

A book examining the deep psychology of Zinedine Zidane, the French footballer, Algerian by origin and probably the most revered in the football world, comes out to enlighten us. Zizou always prefers to keep details of his private life under cover. But the book "In the head of Zidane" by Sabine Callegari, specialist in psychoanalysis, makes us the solemn promise to reveal to us the most buried secrets of the personality of the world champion in 98.

"If, like many of us, some of his actions have left you flabbergasted and this exceptional man remains an enigma in your eyes, this book is for you because it puts you 'inside Zidane's head'. This is what the author wrote on her Facebook account on October 21. In fact, she hasn't interviewed the mystery man she's trying to get to know better at all.

The layman will therefore say that it is more fruitful to converse with the person whom it is claimed to be examining closely. This concerns Zinedine Zidane, of Algerian origin. However, the scholar, the one familiar with human psychology, knows full well that this is not about journalistic work.

The physical interview here does not have this privileged status. The one she often grabs hold of in the media world. Sabine Callegari therefore sets out to explore the flaws in language and body language. She thus goes in search of the unspoken and slip-ups. As well as the deep meaning of Zidane's attitudes and choices. Nothing more classic and fascinating at the same time, in terms of psychoanalytic decryption.

What served as "raw material" for the author of the book

In order to understand Zizou's intimate universe, the shrink had material to tap into. She used all kinds of data already available. Press articles, books and written and / or filmed interviews, etc. The father figure occupies the space of a chapter. Just her, in the book.

Knowing that this concept enjoys a fairly prominent place in psychoanalysis. The playmaker’s “female part”, from Algeria, extends throughout the second chapter. "The conjugal myth of Zinedine Zidane" treated in the third.

In conclusion, Callegari suggests that we examine the “power of change of Zidane”. However, the book, despite its scholarly references, is aimed at the general public. It is accessible to almost all fans of the three-time European champion.