Do you want a change for this summer? We understand you. So if you started by not not take the plane or the train But the car ? Whether you want to stay in France or go to Italy, you are free to move as you wish. The advantage with the car is that you can stop whenever you want, when the weather is nice and when you come across a charming village that you didn’t even know existed. Basically, this summer, leave room for a little spontaneity to find a little madness in your life. Indeed, after months of restrictions and as those related to travel begin to ease, it is high time to live fully. And Booking, understood it well.

Road trip: “Well over half of travelers plan to avoid public transport on their next getaway”

For the occasion, the tourist site Booking, proposes proposed the idea of the road trip. “After a long period of restrictions, travelers want to leave”declared Bryan Batista, senior vice president of’s Trips division. “Well over half of travelers plan to avoid public transport on their next getaway. For that, nothing like a road trip, to hit the road and see where it takes them. Discovering the world on your own terms is the trend towards more independent and personalized travel. As the vast majority of our car rentals come with free cancellation, they offer the flexibility to deal with whatever surprises the world has in store for us ”.

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