9 ideas for family vacations to make the most of your vacation!

To make the most of your family, nature is waiting for you. You will be able to rest, and even breathe the good fresh air of the countryside. With the start of the school year having been quite hectic, and even chaotic summer holidays for some, it is time to take some time for yourself. So we have some ideas for stays to be made during the All Saints holidays.

3 ideas for your next family vacation

If you don't want to leave for All Saints' Day, it will always be possible to recycle these ideas for other periods such as spring 2021 or summer of the same year. This period is always conducive to discoveries with the whole family.

  • You can go to Auvergne since the volcanoes await you. We advise you to discover the Puy-de-Dôme.
  • There are many hiking trails around this mountain accompanied by a shuttle.
  • The castles of the Loire also have the coast, you can go to the castle of Rivau in Indre-et-Loire since the Halloween decoration is ready.
  • A candy hunt will even be organized in these places on October 31st.
  • An escape game is also offered at the royal fortress of Chinon, children over 9 years old are expected.

With these three destinations, you will have had your fill of discoveries, but you can add the Royal City of Loches since an exhibition called Animalis is presented. Fantastic animals and creatures will be there.

Opt for a stay in communion with nature

Generally, fall is the ideal time to recharge your batteries since the environment changes completely. The trees are getting colorful and getting ready for winter, a little unusual weekend in the trees will do you the greatest good. You have an appointment in the Domaine du Bois de Rosoy, but other addresses are possible in France. The primary goal is to gain height to sleep under the stars with your family while enjoying a cabin in the woods. With your children, you can discover the animals of the forest, pick up a few leaves, pine cones or even take the time to relax.

If you have chosen to go to Auvergne for the All Saints holiday, I advise you to discover Vulcania, it is quite close to Puy-de-Dôme. There are many exhibits on volcanoes, and even workshops that are geared towards dinosaurs. While the exhibitions are focused on the youngest, adults can also have a little fun.

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