"80% psychology, 10% temperament and 10% strategy. The most important thing will be to manage the egos"

Yes Spencer dinwiddie couldn't accompany his teammates into the Disney bubble because he contracted COVID-19. The Nets player reconsiders this unpleasant experience.

After the initial three weeks I had to deal with this, I probably felt the effects for maybe another 15 days. It took something like like a month and a half before I could feel solid again. " Spencer dinwiddie

Following this, like a lot of people, the rear was quite surprised by the signing of Steve nash as a new coach in Brooklyn.

It was really a surprise. But I think overall it makes sense from a relationship point of view. For me, coaching at this level, especially given the talent we have, is 80% psychology, 10% temperament and 10% strategy. The most important thing will be to manage the egos. That’s why Phil Jackson was phenomenal. He knew how to talk to Kobe. He knew how to talk to Michael. ” Spencer dinwiddie

While doing so, he also takes the opportunity to silence the bad tongues who claim that Nash was recruited only because of the white privilege.

Of course the white privilege exists, at 1000%. But in this situation, it is not. He is one of the most gifted players of all time and is friends with the stars and the GM of our team. It made sense even though he hadn't had a head coach experience. " Spencer dinwiddie

In any case, in terms of the style of play of his future coach, Dinwiddie is not worried, he who comes out of his best career season with 20.8 points, 6.8 assists and 3.5 rebounds on average by meeting.

Let's be 1000% honest. Offensive patterns these days may seem complicated in terms of defensive diversion, but almost all of them end in isolation or pick-and-roll. KD will likely have elbow or half-court isolation, while Kyrie will likely throw pick-and-rolls with screens either on top or bottom. We're going to have a bunch of different solutions, but we're probably going to use variations of those two solutions 90% of the time. ” Spencer dinwiddie

What worries observers most is how Steve Nash will cash in on a potential losing streak, one who is bound to be put in the spotlight and chosen as responsible if that were to happen.

This will be the most important. If we lose three or four games in a row and KD and Kyrie get angry, how do we keep this group together? How do you make sure things go well? And if DeAndre Jordan doesn't receive a lob pass for seven straight actions, how do we get him to touch the ball? It will be asked a lot more to have this type of management, rather than knowing how to call this or that system. " Spencer dinwiddie

Indeed, with Spencer Dinwiddie, but also Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant, DeAndre Jordan or Caris LeVert, the talent is there, but so too is the character and ego. If Nash manages to create a real camaraderie and a cohesive chemistry in both victory and defeat, no doubt these Nets can do some damage!

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