Easter is the occasion for great family reunions and rich meals. In France, the meal is often an opportunity to share a leg of lamb. In Alsace, a biscuit in the shape of a lamb is made which allowed the stocks of eggs to be used up and was a delight for children after mass. In Guyana, we rather taste awara broth.

This year, the Easter holidays will be marked by the curfew at 7 p.m. and inter-regional travel will remain prohibited in the country. Easter day, only people from the same household will have the right to meet since this Catholic holiday is not considered an imperative family motive.

To help you best prepare this meal in family (from your home) and you avoid stress blows on cooking leg of lamb or looking for a vegetarian dish for one or a member of your family, here is 8 original, gourmet recipes and accessible to all kitchen levels.

1. A 7-hour leg with spices and glazed vegetables

Lamb is undoubtedly the star of Easter meals. To change from “traditional” cooking, try this recipe spotted on the magazine’s website It. To make it, you need a one kilo leg of lamb for 4 guests, carrots and turnips, but also coriander and a candied lemon. The dish is also accompanied a hummus of green vegetables to sparkle the taste buds.

2. Crunchy asparagus as a starter

Cyril Lignac’s favorite recipe is made with soft-boiled eggs taken out after 6 minutes of cooking, cut and placed on asparagus. We prepare a vinaigrette made from red balsamic to which he adds olive oil, salt and pepper and mixes. Season the asparagus and place the soft-boiled egg on it.

You can also eat asparagus with chopped hard-boiled eggs, and that makes us a garnish with shallots and parsley. If you want to travel, you can prepare a vinaigrette with olive oil and curry, white balsamic and a spoonful of cream, with small onions and coriander.

3. Lamb pastillas

For this recipe that will take you 20 minutes, the site of Current Kitchen recommends using filo pastry sheets and browning your meat with cumin to flavor it. This dish is eaten hot and is accompanied by a stuffing with dried apricots and slivered almonds.

4. Soft-boiled eggs as a starter

The first thing with eggs, explains Cyril Lignac, is always put them out of the fridge, in a place of the kitchen not too hot of course. When you want to make mayonnaise or soft-boiled eggs, you have to keep them at room temperature.

We put water to boil, we take a skimmer to place the eggs delicately in the boiling water for 6 minutes. After 6 minutes, they are taken out and immersed in a large volume of ice water. We leave 1 to 2 minutes in ice water, then they are shelled in water, because it passes between the shell of the egg and the membrane inside, which allows to peel them without breaking them.

We can put it in a salad, we slice it at the last moment and we have a nice soft-boiled egg, and it’s good when it’s lukewarm. We eat it like this, with a little fleur de sel and Espelette pepper.

5. Roasted cabbage with goat cheese and apple

For a vegetarian dish, toast cabbage in the oven with goat cheese and olive oil. In this recipe from the site BBC Good Food, it is also recommended to season the cabbage in the oven with paprika or cumin. Then add apples for a tangy touch.

6. A leg of lamb in a cocoa crust

Another recipe from the magazine’s website It which allies two essential foods of an Easter meal: lamb and chocolate. For the chocolate crust, you will need to use baker’s yeast and flour. Recipe matters 45 minutes of preparation and 55 minutes of cooking.

7. Chocolate truffles

In a saucepan, melt 300 grams of chocolate broken into small pieces and add to it 20 cl of cream hot on top, to which you will have incorporated a little liquid vanilla. You get a ganache that you can stir with a spatula or preferably with a whisk, for more creaminess.

Let it rest in the open air, and add to it 40 grams of semi-salted butter as soon as the ganache begins to harden. Stir until you get a paste, and leave to cool in the refrigerator overnight.

When it is hard and creamy at the same time, like “plasticine”, we make small balls and we roll them in cocoa in powder. And why not also in sesame, gingerbread, pistachios, hazelnuts … Less traditional, but delicious!

8. Surprise Easter eggs

For this recipe on the site Kitchen AZ, you have to empty real eggs using a fine point. You will then have to fill them with a chocolate preparation for a smooth heart that should surprise your guests.

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