7000 Chinese Tesla Model 3 en route to Europe - 7,000 Chinese Tesla Model 3 en route to Europe - Clean Automobile

From its Chinese plant in Shanghai, Tesla has just confirmed the shipment of 7,000 copies of its electric sedan to Europe. Expected at the end of November, they will be delivered to a dozen European countries.

The first Chinese Model 3s are on their way to Europe! Confirming the extensive information disseminated online in recent weeks, Tesla has just announced the departure of a cargo ship from China. On board: 7,000 Tesla Model 3 for the European market. The crossing will take several weeks and the ship is expected in Belgium at the end of November. In total, a dozen countries will be served, including Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland and Sweden.

"The Model 3 made in China can now not only supply the Chinese market on a large scale, but also meet all certification requirements to enter the European market," Zhu Xiaotong, head of Tesla in China, said at an official ceremony on Monday, October 26. At this stage, the manufacturer does not specify the volumes or frequency of cargo ships it plans to send to Europe.

Operational since the end of 2019, the Shanghai Gigafactory now has a production capacity of between 3,500 and 4,000 vehicles per week. If the factory was originally to focus on covering the Chinese market, Tesla changed its plans. A probably provisional organization since the commissioning of the Gigafactory in Berlin, scheduled for 2021, should make it possible to cover the needs of the European market.