Check out some tips from digital influencer Gabriel Veronese, a seasoned traveler who has traveled several countries.

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To make the trip of your dreams, staying in the best hotels and taking advantage of the best experiences that each destination offers does not need to be synonymous with accumulating debt for the rest of your life. But how to have a luxury trip paying little?

The digital influencer Gabriel Veronese is an experienced traveler and has traveled several countries. In his profile on Instagram, he combines fashion, beauty and incredible landscapes of the most varied destinations, from the beauty of the Balloons in Cappadocia, in Turkey to the tropical beaches of the Caribbean or the low temperatures of the cold city of Moscow, in Russia: “I tend to invest a lot in my trips, from 10 to 20 thousand per destination, depending on some factors. But it is possible, yes, to take a luxury trip spending much less. With some tricks you can reduce the budget by more than 50%, without giving up comfort and exclusivity ”.

Gabriel Veronese brings 6 tips to make a luxury trip spending little. Check it.:

1-Choice of destinations at better prices

It is possible to have access to luxury experiences almost anywhere in the world, but some destinations are, of course, cheaper than others. Luxury hotels in China, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam have an average price of 25% lower than in Paris, for example.

Even in Europe you can see this difference from country to country in relation to five-star accommodation. The average prices of a luxury suite in Lisbon, Berlin and Budapest are among the lowest in Europe, with about R $ 500 per day. Very different value from hotels of the same level in Milan, Italy, for example, where the average is R $ 1,345.

2-Know how to take advantage of the low season

The Law of supply and demand is responsible for the high rates of hotels and air tickets at the most sought after time of the year, which are the high seasons. But it also applies to periods when destinations are emptier, with a noticeable reduction in prices.

Therefore, do your research before choosing where to go, and pay attention to the advantages and disadvantages of the climate and local commerce at the time, so that cheap does not turn out to be expensive. Going to India in July, for example, when the heat reaches 40 degrees, can get in the way of many walks, but hoteliers almost pay you to stay at that time.

3-Houses with hospitality service x hotel

Today it is more common to rent houses for vacation seasons, especially after the appearance of AirBnB, where you can find everything from mansions and hedges to charming and comfortable beach houses, at prices much more expensive than luxury hotels. Especially if you are traveling as a family or with a group of friends.

In the Caribbean, for example, you can rent a house with a pool by the sea, for up to six people, for $ 6,000 (R $ 23,500) a week. The same as a day of R $ 330 per guest, cheaper than a five-star hotel. It may still be possible to combine services such as laundry, kitchen and tourist guide at prices equally more affordable than in hotels.

4-Try to buy the tickets in advance

Search calmly for the destination and the best airfares, usually found at a greater discount when purchased 2 to 3 months before the expected date of shipment.

In general, flights departing at dawn and on weekdays tend to be cheaper. Hopefully, you can even find a good deal that allows you to travel first class at an Economy price. You never know.

5-Do not look for hotels in tourist areas

Prices in these areas are always higher. The advice is to look for places a little further from the tourist area, both to save money and to get to know different parts of the city .;

6-Enjoy long journeys to spend the night on the train

Traveling by train in Europe is an unforgettable experience and it can also help you save. With private and comfortable cabins on the main lines, staying overnight on the tracks is always a good idea when the journey is long.

If the road map allows it, it can also be interesting to live Agatha Christie days in the luxurious carriages of the Orient Express, which is still in operation between London and Venice.