Containment in mainland France continues. With Spring Break arriving earlier than expected after schools close, this can make for some and some a lot of people back home. And you have to be able to occupy the children, but also to take care when you are single or in a relationship. Cooking is one of the ideal activities in containment.

And with the arrival of sunny days despite the cool temperatures, what better than desserts to feast and cheer up? (All within a radius of 10 kilometers from his home, of course). Cake, strawberry soup, pineapple carpaccio …Cyril Lignac has concocted several distilled recipes in his Chef’s Tip that you can (re) discover below.

Whether you are a cordon bleu chef, a budding chef or a novice, these 6 recipes adapt to your cooking level and promise in any case, a tasty moment.

1. A white chocolate mousse and mushroom powder

We start by cutting the button mushrooms into fairly thin slices, we put them in the oven at 80 degree and we leave them overnight, more precisely 4-5 hours. Then we pass them in a blender to make a powder of button mushrooms. We then prepare white chocolate stracciatella mousse with 125 grams of white chocolate on which we pour 10cl of hot cream to make a ganache. Next, add 50 cl of liquid cream with 30g of mascarpone, which gives a Sweet whipped cream. We also put 20g of icing sugar, vanilla.

We make a coffee ristretto that we pour into it. Mix and add 40g of chopped dark chocolate, the mushroom powder, and add a little coffee powder. In our dish we put the white chocolate mousse, dark chocolate shavings and again mushroom powder.

2. A tasty strawberry soup

First of all, you have to choose ripe strawberries. For a strawberry soup we can afford to take damaged, spoiled strawberries, which are often less expensive at the market gardener. There is absolutely no point in buying very beautiful strawberries for a broth, insists Cyril Lignac.

In a mortar, we crush coriander and mint leaves. To this, we add 20 grams of brown sugar and lemon juice. Then we put 300 grams of strawberries in a double boiler. We add a background of water and our previous mixture. Close tightly and leave everything in a bain-marie. The strawberries will turn white, because the cooking will remove the juice from the strawberries, without having the pulp of the strawberries.

We then come to filter with a small strainer, but without crushing. This is where we get the elixir, the quintessence of the strawberry taste. Next to that, we cut the other strawberries, which we mix in the syrup that we let cool. You can add whipped cream or vanilla ice cream as well as a little orange supreme to bring freshness.

3. A fragrant panettone with a light crumb

At home you need a good very light flour, large candied fruits and lots of rest for the dough. In a robot, we pour 250 grams of flour, we put a bag of baker’s yeast, 80 grams of sugar, 120 grams of butter, 4 eggs and a pinch of salt. Knead for 10 minutes and form a ball which is left to rest. We repeat it again and we put inside candied fruits, raisins or to change chocolate chips.

Then we make a ball again and put it in the panettone mold and let it swell for an hour. We butter it and put it in the oven at 180 degrees for 10 min, then at 150 degrees for 40 minutes and we cover it with butter. It really has to be very buttery. We let it cool and either, we can place large pieces of crystal sugar and we taste it like this.

4. Smoothies “to enjoy the sun”

The smoothie, it’s super nourishing, it’s a fruit juice with proteins. So, it’s not a full breakfast, but it’s excellent in the morning. Cyril Lignac offers two versions of the smoothie: a tropical one with 150 grams of pineapple and mango, that we prepare and freeze. To make smoothies, it’s always good to freeze fresh fruit, because when you put them in the blender, you mix them and it creates an emulsion. We add half a fresh banana, a teaspoon of raw shelled hemp, it is a good protein which thickens the smoothie, two tablespoons of coconut and nut flour and 30cl of almond milk and a little water.

For the second recipe, we use strawberries, when it is the season, we put them in the freezer. Add pineapple, 30g of oatmeal, 2 teaspoons of grated coconut, chia seeds and coconut milk.

5. Flawless and caramelized canelés

We do infuse a vanilla bean in half a liter of milk with 25 grams of butter. First heat the milk, then add the vanilla and leave to heat quietly. We whip 2 eggs, 200 grams of sugar, a pinch of salt. Cyril Lignac adds 100 grams and then pour the lukewarm infused milk and a spoon of rum.

The dough must then be filmed and left to rest overnight. The next day, we butter the canelés well, we pour the dough, leaving half a centimeter on the edges above. We bake 10 minutes at 210 degrees, then, we drop to 190 degrees and cook for an hour, or even 45 minutes. What is very important is the caramelization.

6. A pineapple carpaccio

To start, we cut the head, “the feather duster” of the pineapple, then we remove the back. With a saw knife, we saw off the end of the skin. Inside, we will find these “little black dots”, so either with the knife we slice the pineapple into strips to extract the small black dots or if we have a little patience we remove them with the tip of a peeler. Or if we cheat a little more, we cut wider strips, but we lose pineapple.

Then, Cyril Lignac recommends carrying out a carpaccio, to think of summer, “it’s fresh”, by making a syrup with water, sugar and fresh mint. You can also put passion fruit. We can also caramelize : in a saucepan, we put water, sugar, citrus zest, a vanilla pod. Roll the pineapples inside, add a knob of butter, sugar again and caramelize. Other technique: put the pineapples in the oven with sugar and butter and sprinkle them, for a juicy pineapple. We can even do it flambé with rum in a pan with raisins.

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