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Huawei will it have its place in the deployment of 5G Germany? Not sure. This Monday, as reported by the agency Reuters, Berlin said the device it has put in place to ensure the security of future 5G networks was not enough to give a green light to the Chinese telecom giant. German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas worried about China's national security framework. This fear is not new. It concerns in particular a text of 2017, which obliges the Chinese companies to cooperate with the intelligence services of the Middle Kingdom. In this context, some fear that Huawei's 5G equipment will be used for espionage purposes, or voluntarily decommissioned.

Berlin will therefore add a "reliability test" to its 5G security feature. This would consist "To consider whether a company is forced in its home country to forward information and data that should remain protected", writes the economic press agency. Heiko Maas said Huawei will be affected by this test. If the Shenzhen group does not pass it successfully, it is likely to be subject to restrictions, or even banishment, the juicy German market of 5G.

Washington pressure

This announcement contrasts with the last known positions of Berlin vis-à-vis Huawei. Last February, when the German government planked a security charter for 5G, some of its representatives had indicated to the Wall Street Journal that they intended to allow Huawei to deploy 5G. Last October, a spokesman for the German government said the country was refusing to exclude Huawei.

These positions had aroused Washington's wrath. The United States even threatened Germany with ceasing intelligence cooperation if Berlin did not hunt, like them, the Chinese group of 5G networks.

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