Before the pandemic, Eugenio visited a destination at least once a month. This has been the case for almost a decade, in which his passion for to travel And knowing other cultures has taken him to places as diametrically different as Alaska and Costa Rica, or the United Arab Emirates and Haiti. Has been to 60 countries from three continents.

Since 2018 he shares his experiences in the Hidden Travelers blog, who has a YouTube channel and an Instagram account with more than 200 thousand followers; He is accompanied by his wife and two daughters.

As you prepare to retake the travels After almost a year of forced rest, we interviewed Eugenio to learn about some of his experiences and advice based on the things you’ve been through.

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1. How to stay for long periods

If in the future (hopefully, not so far away) you would like, for example, to build a great route through a continent such as Europe or Asia, there are several accommodation options that you can resort to so as not to have to save a fortune.

For example, there are the websites where people from different countries offer free lodging and food in exchange for you to do some work for them on a daily basis. “These jobs can consist of two to four hours a day, and the weekend is free for you to go exploring on your own the country where you are,” explains Eugenio.

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It can be domestic chores, such as sweeping, mopping and painting the house, or an institution that requires your knowledge of design, accounting, business, etc. In some destinations there are even farms, animal shelters or natural areas that require help.

“These platforms are very open and receptive,” says the Mexican traveler. “Their intention is always to support and they will look for a way to make you match their needs.”

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2. Expensive and inexpensive countries

Asked what are the most expensive destinations he’s been to, the founder of Hidden Travelers Respond that some countries in Europe and specific regions of the United States.

“Europe is already expensive to start with. But it can still get more expensive if you want to do the top activities in each country. I give you an example: Paris. This gateway city is already expensive. But also, we wanted to experience the most exclusive activities because we were documenting it for our social networks. So, we plan to dine at the tip of the Eiffel Tower and the next day we dined aboard a boat along the majestic river Seine. That was a very elegant dinner, open bar and customer service of another level. Final result: my wife and I were delighted, however, all at a very high cost ”.

The most expensive place Eugenio has found is also one of the rarest I’ve been to. Barrow, a town in Alaska where only five thousand people live and which hides the northernmost human settlement in the American continent.

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“Barrow cannot be reached by road or sea, as the Arctic Ocean is frozen for most of the year. So everything in Barrow, everything, arrives by plane (food, cleaning supplies, etc.). If you want to buy a car, you ask for it, and two months later it arrives by plane ”. In addition, “there the waiters earn $ 60 an hour, that is, almost 10,000 Mexican pesos per day. Cooks earn even more ”.

In contrast, among the cheapest regions is South America. It also highlights a destination that is everyone’s surprise: the United Arab Emirates.

“When listening to Dubai, everyone thinks it is the most expensive in the world, and it is not. Unlike, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the whole country itself, they are among the cheapest places I have ever seen. Perhaps the most expensive thing could be the flight to get to that country but, once you are there, I guarantee that you will not spend a lot of money, “he says.

3. About traveling permanently

Eugenio could be considered to be part of an international trend in recent years: digital nomads. That is, those people who can adapt their work and personal lives to the travels constant around the world.

Technically, what you need to be a digital nomad is to get a job that doesn’t involve spending all day in an office; like maybe you did during quarantine, but applied in the future. In the case of the family of Hidden Travelers, his occupation is digital marketing. “We have an agency in which we serve companies that are in different Spanish-speaking countries,” says Eugenio. But the travels they are his permanent hobby.

If you ask for his advice To adopt this lifestyle, his answer is “YES you can. It is a fact. It is a reality, and even more so after the year that we have just passed. 2020 brought us a pandemic, but it also brought us a great opportunity to reinvent ourselves ”.

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However, there is one aspect that you should pay close attention to before choosing a destination, more than any traveler pays attention to: the internet connection. “There you have Cuba, where internet service is very limited. The day we went to Cuba to record content for our social networks, we couldn’t upload anything during our stay, ”says Eugenio.

“Cuba has wonderful people. It is a nation of noble and hardworking people, however, the issue of their internet connection is as if they were perhaps 20 or 25 years ago. It leaves much to be desired. In hotels there is internet, but it is very slow ”. If your intention is to be connected due to work or you use to send large files, it would be very difficult.

If it comes to citing strange places where one could spend time, we have to mention Barrow, Alaska again. “It is isolated from everything. It’s another world up there. There is nothing at all. There is only one supermarket, there is a gas station and that’s it. Nobody wants to go to live there since it is far from everything. And the few who dare to go live there are paid a millionaire ”.

In this little town, the sunlight is not seen for more than two months, during the winter; however, in the summer the sun does not set for another two months. It is more than 500 kilometers above the Arctic Circle.

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4. On traveling as a family

The entire planning of a travel It changed for Eugenio when his daughters were born. Before, the couple could be having dinner one night and thinking about an international trip for the next day, or looking for lodging options while at the airport.

The priority now is to find a place suitable for children, such as a beach or theme park destinations.

It’s about balancing the pros and cons. “If my wife and I take my daughters to Dubai, the place is impressive and luxurious, but I don’t feel that if we go as tourists it is a destination for children because there is a lot of walking. Yes, there is the beach, unless we were going to go to the hotels or the Burj Al Arab, but one does not go to Dubai to spend five days at the beach or the pool ”.

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You also have to find a suitable climate. This they learned after visiting a snow destination, where everyone was “freezing to death” and ended up changing diapers on the ice. One option could be round-trip travel, from a city or a warmer place to stay.

His recommendation is the Mexican, Caribbean, Veracruz and Tampico beaches. Also cities like San Diego, with a large internationally recognized zoo and theme parks.

And, although there are places that work better for children, “you make your destiny.”

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5. On opening up to other cultures

If something has characterized the travels of Eugenio and his family, it is diversity. He has visited places as popular as New York, as peculiar as the Falkland Islands or where tourism is almost non-existent, such as Haiti.

His goal is to value what is new, learn from each site and, since he created the blog, share things out of the ordinary or contrasting with his own reality.

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His method is to adapt for a few days to the life of a country, eat its food and talk with its people. “Even if he sounds crazy, but knocking on the doors of houses to see what life is like for a local or eat with them. You can google the attractions, but the heart and feelings of each country, that is not always found ”.

The advice that Eugenio would give, in this sense, would be that “for to travel You have to go with an open mind and a willing heart to discover new things ”.

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