The departure for the summer holidays is imminent and here you are thinking of all the summer outfits you want to pack in your suitcases that may be packed. But now, our travel companion is not infinitely expandable … Don’t panic, fashionistas have more than one trick between their traveler sleeves to prepare their ideal summer suitcase and keep the “best” . Follow our fashion tips guide to save space!

This is the n ┬░ 1 trick to transform your suitcase and gain precious cm3. Are you not a fan of folding linen? That’s good, rather than accumulating piles of tops and bottoms that are well folded but which will come out all crumpled on arrival after you have manhandled them clumped together in the suitcase, roll up your clothes to store them better! This travel bagging method is perfect for making room in the suitcase and it will also save you the drudgery of ironing at your vacation spot, just like unsightly creases on your fashionista outfit.

Obviously, we would be tempted to take all our favorite clothes with us. The downside is that by adding any piece haphazardly to our travel bag, we end up with a messy suitcase and it becomes difficult to get dressed. So as not to end up on vacation with too many tops compared to bottoms or 25 more or less trendy outfits instead of the 15 that you need perfect, (…)

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