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Dogs and cats are more frequent tourists, but it is also possible traveling with birds. Many who have a feathered friend to keep them company are unwilling to leave their partner behind when they go on vacation. When this is the case, a series of guidelines before deciding whether to take these pets on vacation is the best idea. What it is about is that the animal suffers as little as possible, that its life is not in danger at any time.

The first factor to evaluate is the duration of the journey. If it is a weekend outing, it is probably preferable to leave the bird alone at home. Even the most attached to their owners can survive two or three days alone without major complications.

On the road, where?

The characteristics of the destination are another element to evaluate. Those who live in regions with a permanent temperate climate have to think hard before visiting tropical areas by the sea in the company of their winged friend. If the average temperature variation is greater than five degrees, the difficulties for the bird can be significant.

You also have to check the means of transport, even if it's your own car. The pet may eventually get dizzy, so if the decision is to include it in the trip, a good plan is to take it out for a few laps in the vehicle the previous days. In this way you will get used to the movements that occur when a car is running5 consejos para viajar con aves 620x349 - 5 tips for traveling with birds - okdiario.com

Yes the trip is by plane, you must read in detail the policy regarding the transport of animals of the airline. Each company sets its own standards. Sometimes paying the amount corresponding to the animal does not guarantee the safety of our pet.

Carrier suitable for traveling with birds

If it is a journey by car, with a copy accustomed to staying out of its cage and obedient, perhaps it can be consider the bird free travel. Taking precautions so that you do not get hurt or run away when a door is opened.

But if this is not the case, you have to choose the right carrier. An accessory where the bird can move with relative comfort and its trough and feeder can be fixed. It should also be easy to clean at any time.

Veterinary authorization

Regardless of all the precautions that are taken, Before traveling with birds, you must have the authorization of a veterinary doctor. These professionals must certify that the pet is in good health to easily resist the adventure.

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