July 16, 2021 – 02:06
Currently, videos are the most chosen and most attractive content on social networks. Millions of users of Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or TikTok accounts generate videos and publish them, getting more and more followers.

It is known that there are accounts devoted to special themes, be it cooking, music, fashion, and countless items. Tourism and travel also have their most recognized accounts and influencers, and this has been possible because they have achieved quality and engaging videos for travel-loving followers. Therefore, for those who like to travel and want to generate professional videos in their destinations, here are some more than useful tips.

Think of originality

Tourist spots can be packed with people, and many of those are also making their own videos. In these cases, being original is what can give you a plus and make our work stand out from the rest. It is important to seek a more personal approach to the videos, a brand that makes us distinctive and unmistakable.

Value Quality

The quality of the images is essential when making and recording our videos. The ideal is to have cameras that shoot in HD, so that everything we want to show, both landscapes, buildings and monuments, stands out and is attractive. In addition, the images must be framed correctly so that it is pleasing to the eye. At the same time, if we use a video editor ourselves, it is important to establish a good editing job so that all the images taken are uniform and in the same style.

Stimulate your creativity

A travel video should not only show a beautiful landscape with good music. Viewers and followers are looking for a little more than that, so it is important to be creative when it comes to knowing what to tell, and how to tell it. The ideal is to build your own character, establish a way of telling and narrating everything we want to show. To do this you have to be creative, have good energy and a special attitude to attract attention. The more spontaneous we are, the more we will attract our followers.

Film with different resources

Our videos must not only contain what we do or the main character, but must also incorporate everything that surrounds the protagonist. That is why every detail, every landscape that is on our way of travel, it is important to take it and film it. These images can help later at editing time, to move from scene to scene, or simply create atmosphere as stories are being set. Images of routes, mountains, people walking on the street, all of them are resources that can be interspersed between different scenes.

Edit with different planes

Different fragments, filmed in different perspectives can create a more complete story that always shows the same thing. The more flats used, the more varied it will be, and it will be much more attractive. A fundamental rule, for example, is not to put together two large shots of the same situation or the same object. The ideal is to put a general plan first, and then a detail plan. In addition, it is recommended that the shots are not very long, especially for YouTube videos or networks that must be more agile.