5 tips for enjoying a long road trip

The vans SUVs are one of the types of cars that are most used to make a road trip, for its robustness and stability; However, it is important that when you go on a trip you take all the necessary precautions to avoid any type of mishap.

In addition, long trips usually start as an adventure, but after the first two hours, they begin to become a challenge not only for you, as the driver, but also for the passengers who will remain seated and still for a long time in the part of behind your truck.

And if it is difficult for an adult to stay entertained during a long journey, it is much more so when your companions are children. However, there are many alternatives and measures you can take to make your trip a fantastic experience. Here are some tips:

Check your car

This is the most logical advice of all, but at the same time the most important: check your car well before going on a long trip.

The rims: Check the depth of the tread, which does not have to be less than 1.6 mm, it does not have to have any type of deformation or irregular wear.

The tire pressure is an important point, as you will surely carry your vehicle loaded, the correct pressure will be the maximum indicated and, in this way, you will prevent any of the tires from bursting. There are high-end SUVs that have the tire pressure monitoring function that will make your life easier.

camioneta koleos blanca - 5 tips for enjoying a long road trip
Photo: Courtesy Renault

Fluid level: Remember to check the level of oil, brake fluid, power steering fluid (in the case of hydraulic cars), coolant and, don't forget, the windshield washer fluid.

Lights: Check both the indicators and the lighting, that they are in perfect condition and well regulated.

Drive comfortable

Wear comfortable clothes and shoes, but avoid sandals, as they will not allow you to stop quickly if an emergency arises.

Drive rested. Consider that there are SUVs on the market with sophisticated technology that offer you the comfort of a driver's seat with the massage function; plus air conditioning in both front seats.

Also, avoid eating heavy meals and taking drugs before the trip, since both can cause drowsiness. Do not forget to bring enough fluids, to hydrate you and drinks with sugar that will help you stay focused on the road.

Research your route

One of the main precautions you have to take before embarking on the journey is to investigate the route you will follow to reach your destination.

Koleos portada audio - 5 tips for enjoying a long road trip
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Planning the route before starting the march will save you a lot of headaches. It is possible that by planning your path you avoid traffic jams, penalties and / or cause accidents.

Remember that you can rely on different technologies such as GPS or smart applications that make the routes simpler, shorter and more direct.

Drive in shifts

Driving long distances can be exhausting, so it is recommended that you bring a companion who can relieve you at some point during the trip.

Ideally, they should drive in sections and in this way each one can take a short nap if necessary. Remember that driving rested is essential, as fatigue can cause loss of concentration and with it, an accident.

If you have a trip of 5, 6 or more hours ahead of you, plan to make one or two stopovers, always in busy places, such as restaurants, gas stations, etc.

Enjoy the scenery

Traveling can be an unrepeatable experience for all your companions, if you have a panoramic roof with electrochromic sunroof like the one on the Renault KOLEOS SUV, which allows you to enjoy nature.

Long trips are a great opportunity to admire the beautiful landscapes that surround the country's roads. Forests, lakes, hills framed by a blue sky and white clouds or a night full of stars, if you decide to travel at night.

techo panorámico KOLEOS - 5 tips for enjoying a long road trip
Photo: Courtesy Renault

A panoramic roof greatly enhances the image of a vehicle, as by allowing more light to enter, it also increases our sense of interior space.

In addition, being much larger than a sunroof, it allows all passengers to see the sky and, if they are children, they will enjoy it a lot.

Thanks to the sophisticated technology of Renault KOLEOSGive yourself the pleasure of enjoying the beautiful landscapes on each of your trips, with the incredible panoramic roof that, like the sunroof, you can open, close and stop wherever you want.

Following all these recommendations, there is no longer any excuse for not enjoying every detail along the way.

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