It is the star vegetable of the summer! Economical, zucchini is available in 1001 ways, gratin, stuffed, tagliatelle, grilled on the barbecue … However, there are a few rules to follow to cook it properly and enjoy 100% of its flavor. Discover the 4 mistakes not to make when cooking zucchini.

1- Peel the skin of the zucchini

If the flesh of the zucchini is rich in fiber and water, it is in the skin that we find most of the antioxidants, the carotenoids. It would therefore be a shame to go without on the condition of cooking a vegetable that is still very fresh, because the skin of the zucchini is also very bitter.

To benefit from the benefits of zucchini with the skin, choose yellow zucchini, much softer. If you eat the skin, prefer vegetables from organic farming or your garden, it’s even better.

Always wash zucchini thoroughly before eating them.

2- Choose the largest zucchini

Choosing the largest zucchini is not at all a good calculation, both for taste and for the wallet. Indeed, its flesh contains no less than 95% water! With a price per weight, it’s still a shame to pay more, especially as the larger it grows, the more the zucchini develops in the center a soft flesh filled with seeds, without any taste.

So give preference to small zucchini which are also called immature zucchini.

3- Keep a little texture when cooking

It’s a bad thing that we have, cooking the zucchini too long to the point that it becomes soft and flabby. However, zucchini can be eaten raw, so no need to overcook it to eat it like eggplant for example. To keep the crunchiness, one of the best ways to cook is to barbecue zucchini, but you can do them. in a pan, cooking for 8 to 10 minutes maximum.

4- Give good taste

We are not going to lie to each other, zucchini is not known for its pronounced taste, on the contrary, it is criticized for being very bland and for releasing a lot of water.

The trick to seasoning this cucurbitacea is to do it only after cooking, once the cooking water has evaporated. At this time, salt and pepper then taste to be able to rectify if necessary.

Our ideas for cooking zucchini