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In Lannion, Nokia employees make 402 wooden silhouettes. They symbolize the scope of the current social plan, and the 402 jobs that risk being cut.

A stone's throw from the Nokia company, it is on this site called L’Agora that the gatherings take place. Tuesday morning, the unions brought together Nokia employees to take stock of the current procedure. Tuesday afternoon, L’Agora turned into a wood workshop. Employees make 402 silhouettes there, which symbolize the 402 jobs that must be cut. This is not new. Figures of the same size have already flourished on roundabouts near Nokia during the latest social plan. At the time, there were fewer of them.

"We always think about it"

Wednesday afternoon, there were about ten of them handling circular saws and brushes. Jean-Philippe, a 5G engineer, works with Serge, 60, to trace the figures on plywood sheets. “My whole team will be deleted in the second quarter of 2021. I did not go on vacation peacefully. We always think about it ”, testifies the fifty-year-old.

Today, he has a hard time projecting himself into the future. "We're trying to think about what we're going to do next. We ask ourselves questions. At 53, this is not the ideal age to lose your job. The job market is not necessarily very important in the region, "continues the man who has been living in Lannion for eleven years and would rather stay in the region. "We are trying to defend employment for us, and for the region as well," he adds.

"We must not delude ourselves"

Under the tent pitched at L’Agora, Eric, 52, has already survived 15 social plans since the early 1990s. “The plan must be canceled. That's all. At the moment, we are still in that vein, "he said. On the site's fence, silhouettes painted in blue are drying. Each will have a number. “We shouldn't be deluding ourselves. If they manage to make this plan, the next move will be closure, ”says Eric.

When cutting, Sylvain, 49, follows the path with a jigsaw. Engineer for 25 years, he is now living his 15th social plan. Disgusted by Nokia's behavior and the high-tech world, he plans to switch to "more human work", to stay in the region.

Next Tuesday, the manufactured silhouettes will be hung on the Nokia fence. It is on this date that a meeting of the central social and economic committee is to be held in Paris.

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