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On the occasion of Paris Photo, the Louis Vuitton editions invite you to discover their catalog of books and their ephemeral bookshop, at the foot of the grand staircase of the Grand Palais, from 7 to 10 November 2019.

With the City guide and Fashion Eye collections, the Louis Vuitton editions endeavor to explore photographic creation while celebrating the art of travel.

A trend indicator and a unique prescriber, the City Guide Louis Vuitton has been touring the most popular cities for twenty years. Today, thirty cities around the world are the subject of an offbeat and subjective look on fashion, contemporary art, greed or culture. The photographs that punctuate the City Guide Louis Vuitton, entrusted to the collective Tendance Floue, reinforce the look that his singular works bear on the places they reveal.

Ljubiša Danilovič signs the photographs of the City Guide Paris 2020, while the architect François-Joseph Graf shares his few insider addresses.

During Paris Photo, the digital version of City Guide Paris is available for free on the App Store.

With Fashion Eye, a series of photographic albums, the Louis Vuitton editions show a city, a region or a country through the eyes of a fashion photographer.

This autumn, Orient Express from Sarah Moon and japan by Adolphe de Meyer complete the collection.

Title after title is built a sum of heterogeneous views, alternating with the destination of urban panoramas and natural landscapes, scenes of local life and more contemplative shots. Fashion Eye introduces an unprecedented dialogue between emerging talents, seasoned photographers and legends of fashion photography.


Signature of Fashion Eye Orient-Express from Sarah Moon on saturday, november 9th, from 2pm to 4pm, at the bookstore La Nouvelle Chambre Claire, open to all.

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