4 gourmet books to have in your kitchen

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This week, the Filigranes bookstore offers us a selection of cookbooks, either recent or essential for experienced and beginner chefs.

With the proliferation of recipes on the Internet, we often tend to type a few key words on the Internet in order to find the recipe corresponding to our desires. What if we took a little break with Marmitons and Easy Recipes and regained a taste for beautiful recipe books, for new culinary experiences. Whether it's the brand new book by Cyril Lignac or the great classic La cuisine à quatre mains to rediscover our old-fashioned recipes, there is something for everyone!

1. The flavors repertoire by Niki Segnit

Le Repertoire des saveurs Niki Segnit 200x300 - 4 gourmet books to have in your kitchen
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The bible of paired flavor associations. 16 main themes (Roasted, Meat, Cheese, Earthy, Mustard, Sulphurous, Marine, Brine & Salty, Green & Herbaceous, Spicy, Woody, Fresh Fruity, Creamy Fruity, Citrus, Bramble & Hedge, Floral Fruity) which bring together 99 flavors ranging from chocolate to vanilla through goat cheese, olive, ham, nutmeg, pineapple or sage. Recipes and ideas for creative cooks.

2. Homemade # 2 by Cyril Lignac

41eqECXsr0L - 4 gourmet books to have in your kitchen
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Cyril Lignac cooks 45 savory and sweet recipes to continue to spice up your daily life. Stuffed tomatoes, pancakes with ham, Basque chicken, rice cooked with chorizo ​​cream, a pasta salad, pesto rosso or a delicious chocolate soufflé, caramelized puffed rice or an apple and cinnamon cake… ” You will feast with ease! »To brighten up your lunches and dinners, quick and easy recipes to enjoy alone, as a couple, with family or friends. With Cyril, home-made is easy! Put on your apron and let yourself be guided by her precious advice and her ultra-comforting recipes.

3. The kitchen with four hands t.1 by Christiane Et Ded.

La cuisine a quatre mains 220x300 - 4 gourmet books to have in your kitchen
© Lemaitre Publishing

A classic of home cooking again available! Since the publication of the first volume in the early 1990s,? La Cuisine à quatre mains has become the reference book in many Belgian and French kitchens. Written by two strong grandmothers, this cookbook offers old-fashioned cuisine, where the right products make all the difference. From the rabbit terrine to the surprise bomb, from the traditional white sauce to the daring lobster en papillote, more than 600 family secrets are revealed to our taste buds. The two authors went out of their way to explain to us in a simple and effective way how to cook refined dishes without fuss.

4. The art of simple cooking by Alice Waters

612POXD9pIL 229x300 - 4 gourmet books to have in your kitchen
© Éditions Actes Sud

More than anyone else in the United States, Alice Waters has changed the way we eat, cook and think about food. Through her restaurant Chez Panisse in Berkeley founded in 1971, as well as through her books and her multiple civic commitments, she led a veritable palace revolution across the Atlantic. His simple and inventive dishes are always focused on taste and respect for local and seasonal produce. Combining essential culinary advice and a formidable repertoire of accessible and timeless recipes, The Art of Simple Cooking is an essential tool for any cook, beginner or experienced.

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