4 Android apps to use when working on your smartphone

At work, the smartphone is an essential tool. But beyond communication and navigation features, it can help you organize your day and business communication. On Android, these four applications perform this function.

Unlike iPhones, Android smartphones come with different default software. Manufacturers like Samsung pay particular attention to the software offerings present in their smartphones, whether through in-house applications or partnerships – we think of Microsoft. Others, like OnePlus or Google, prefer to deliver the most streamlined smartphones possible: everything remains to be built for the user.

Having become the main mobile computer for everyday tasks, a smartphone has every interest in being well equipped if it is dedicated to professional use. It won't replace your heaviest software, but can go a long way in helping you sequence your day or collaborate with colleagues. The key is to have the right applications. We have selected 4 for our Power User series, which allow you to start using an Android smartphone better at work.

The best to-do list: TickTick

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There are dozens of to-do lists for Android, but TickTick wins our hearts for lots of reasons. Already, it works without an account, so you can use it immediately. If you decide to create an account, you will find it on all platforms, with a synchronization of your notes.

But above all, its rating system is extremely comprehensive: it goes from the shopping list to the stages of a project, each time with a progress bar to see where you are. TickTick also manages reminders, a calendar, and several widgets so you don't have to open the app to access your tasks – in short, do more with less. With the app widget on the home screen, you'll have no trouble keeping track of what's left to do and organizing your time.

The best computer / smartphone interface: Pushbullet

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If you don't feel like using the Windows My Phone app or your computer doesn't run on Microsoft's OS, you have a great option on hand: Pushbullet. Pushbullet eliminates the need to use your smartphone while working on your computer. The extension installed on your browser gives you access to an interface that allows you to send and receive SMS, but also to bridge your devices.

Yes, you will be able to send each other messages to take with you on your smartphone, or transfer files and photos from one to another. It all happens in a kind of conversation with yourselves and we love the efficiency of the app: much easier than plugging in a smartphone to retrieve a photo. To be installed urgently.

The best collaboration tool: Dropbox

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Yes, there are loads of cloud storage offerings. But if you had to pick just one, Dropbox really does make a point. We note above all the ease of use: making a file to find it elsewhere than on his smartphone or sharing it with someone to collaborate is within everyone's reach.

The basic offer, free, entitles you to 2 GB of storage. You need good management of your files, but it allows you to send complete projects, save documents in daily text format, have a copy of your invoices and other administrative documents at hand … in short, without even go through a professional offer, Dropbox will help you on a daily basis.

The best app to stay focused: a decluttered launcher

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Our latest app will surprise you: it's a launcher that lets you pay less attention to your smartphone. Productivity is also a matter of attention and a decluttered launcher offers to help you focus. The whole point is to minimize distractions: no app in sight, no notification. Only 4 shortcuts that you can configure are displayed on the screen.

Then you only have access to swipes: down to search the web, left to take a photo and right to access your contacts. Clearly, if you have a big day ahead of you, a decluttered launcher will be your best ally.

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