4 Android and iOS apps to take notes efficiently

Update 03/09/2020 – By definition, a smartphone is a smart device. It serves as a digital Swiss army knife and allows us in a few moments to do research on the Internet, plan his road trip using the GPS or … take notes. There are tons of apps for this use on the Google Play Store and Apple's App Store like Google Keep, Evernote or Todoist. Services already present in the first publication of this selection in 2013.

But as Android and iOS got better, note-taking apps got a little boost. facelift and also take advantage of new features. And if they often look the same and it's difficult to tell them apart today, we wanted to share with you our favorite applications for taking notes on the fly, organizing tasks and even working together. They are compatible with your smartphone, your tablet and often modifiable from a PC / Mac. Follow the guide :

1. Google Keep, Google's flagship application

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2. Evernote, the handyman

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Evernote is arguably one of the most famous apps for note taking. However, it should be noted that it is capable of doing much more. Just like Google Keep, you can take notes out loud with her, add photos to her notes, and organize to-do lists using the Evernote Widget.

However, the application stands out thanks to the application ecosystem that surrounds it. Evernote Food for example allows you to remember your preparations, the restaurants you particularly enjoyed, or take pictures of your dishes. Evernote Skitch helps you to leave comments or annotations on documents in a clean and efficient way. You can even share your documents with others afterwards. Note that there is a Premium version unlocking some features such as the ability to be connected to an unlimited number of devices, to be able to record more than 200mb per note, to access offline notebooks or even to annotate PDFs. This service costs 6.99 euros / month.

The +: You can take notes by voice, Evernote allows you to apply templates (weekly review, daily calendar, meeting notes, party planning), ecosystem that can be practical

3. Any.Do, when aesthetics take precedence

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Any.Do is an application capable of helping you organize yourself better. More than the others ? Maybe, if you pay a lot of attention to design and simple things. Three tabs are presented to you: tasks, calendar (which you can synchronize with yours) and settings. The Tasks section is very readable and gives information on the coming days only, which is nice.

The application is full of features such as making calls, sending messages or scheduling meetings. You can also reorganize your notes and your diary by group (work, relaxation…) in sub-folders. One of the features that we found interesting is the ability to mark a missed call in a reminder, or in a spot. Any.do has a premium version at 1.74 euros / month. It allows you to activate recurring tasks, WhatsApp reminders and even perform reminders based on your geolocation.

The +: An easy-to-use app, modern design, lots of special features

4. Todoist

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Todoist is an application that is not only very easy to learn, but is also very complete. It is essentially based on the Cloud where you can store all your lists and memos.

You will also have the possibility to create tasks and sub-tasks in a hierarchical way in order to bring out the most important information for you. In addition, you can also create recurring events that you can personalize with colors or labels. Widgets are also available to give quick access to note taking. There is a Premium plan at € 3 per month with annual billing (or € 4 with monthly billing) for professionals, and a business plan at € 5 per user per month with annual billing (or € 6 with billing monthly).

The +: Several sub-levels of tasks, optimized for group work, gamification (obtaining points when actions are carried out), global view, recurring due dates

What's the best smartphone for taking notes?

To be more comfortable writing, it is better to have a large screen (which is not so much of a problem with modern smartphones). Some models, like the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 which are equipped with a stylus, are more ready to take handwritten notes.

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