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355hp of power for the 2021 Acura TLX Type S - 355hp of power for the 2021 Acura TLX Type S - Autoalgerie.com - Autoalgerie.com

Unveiled at the beginning of June, the second-generation Acura TLX offered for its revival the return of the S-Type, whose power and torque are now revealed.

The second-generation TLX therefore marked, after a decade-long hiatus, the much anticipated return of Acura's high-performance Type S version which was heralded with an all-new 3.0L turbocharged V6 from Acura, the brand being careful not to reveal the details in its time, something now done to accompany the announcement of his racing debut on the occasion of the Pikes Peak Hill Climb event, scheduled for August 30.

The TLX Type S pilot car, an early stage prototype used for track testing, will be driven by Nick Robinson, a senior engineer in the company’s Chassis Development Group. The TLX Type S prototype is currently undergoing final tuning before it hits the market next spring. The TLX Type S is powered by Acura’s new 3.0-liter turbocharged V6 engine with an estimated horsepower and torque of 355 hp and 480Nm of torque. It distributes power to all four wheels through Acura’s fourth-generation Super Handling All-Wheel-Drive System (SH-AWD). In addition, the TLX Type S pilot car is equipped with optional lightweight Y-spoke wheels, inspired by those of the NSX, and several safety modifications, including a roll cage and fire extinguisher system.

Racing is a key expression of Acura's precision engineered Performance DNA, and for the past nine years, Acura has used the grueling Pikes Peak hill climb as an opportunity to develop the skills of the company's young engineers. and as a testing ground for future performance technologies in Acura production vehicles. The Acura Pikes Peak team is made up of a group of volunteer engineers from the Research and Development Department who are also responsible for all aspects of racing, including vehicle development, race preparation, the support team and driving the racing cars to the finish line.

Acura’s long-time competing presence at Pikes Peak has seen him achieve numerous race records and podium finishes. In 2019, Peter Cunningham took victory in the Open category for the third year in a row with the TLX RealTime Racing GT (time 9:24 433). Current records include the production hybrid car record, set by the Acura NSX driven by James Robinson (10:02:44), and the front-wheel drive vehicle record for the Acura TLX driven by Nick. Robinson (10:48:09 a.m.).

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