300 tips to stop making spelling mistakes

No more spelling mistakes

“Professor Colignon” has been known for many years for his effective tips and tricks that allow us to erase the main mistakes we make.

Grammar, spelling, conjugation, he imagines formulas that are easy to memorize so as not to be mistaken about doubling consonants, accents, genres, homonyms, chords, exceptions …

Jean-Pierre Colignon thus offers you the possibility of no longer making mistakes while having fun with these magic formulas that will make you love spelling!

The book "I perceive only a P to see and 299 other tips to avoid mistakes" was released last March by l'Opportunity.

-> To talk about it: Jean-Pierre Colignon

The thousand lives of the Poitiers Rectorate site

The rectorate opens its doors to the public on September 18 and 19, 2020, on the occasion of European Heritage Days. This is a typical case of successions of different establishments in the same place.

Founded in 1069, the building was first a Benedictine abbey where the tombs of the Dukes of Aquitaine were kept. During the Religious Wars of the 16th century, the tombs, the cloister and a large part of the buildings were destroyed by the Huguenots.

Z - 300 tips to stop making spelling mistakes

From the Revolution and until 1946, the abbey was converted into barracks for the reception of artillery regiments. Then the site housed the National School of Mechanics and Aerotechnics and finally in the 1990s, saw the installation of the Rectorate of the Academy of Poitiers.

-> To talk about it: Laurent Marien, academy inspector – regional educational inspector in charge of the civic and citizenship division

The last cup

Nicolas, motorcycle enthusiast and coffee specialist, travels from village to village and from company to company with his machine designed and built by a craft workshop in Castries in the Hérault.

He designed his “establishment” on three wheels and had it made. It's a real bar in solid walnut from fair-trade forests and in harmony with the green color of Jaguar, with a real coffee machine and everything that goes with it, such as pressurized water.

Z - 300 tips to stop making spelling mistakes

Customers come and go for the coffee, a blend from De la Sierra, from Pierrelatte, with Brazilian, Colombian Salvadorian beans, for a powerful balanced aroma.

-> To talk about it: Nicolas chaumery, Manager of The lastcup

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