Want to book your next vacation or go for a weekend on a whim? If the train is the quick and safe solution to travel, ticket prices can sometimes be overpriced… But by looking for low cost alternatives, by finding a benefit card here and a reduction there, we save money for travel cheap !

A cheap getaway

YesSncf offers an offer “Happy hour”On last-minute Intercités travel (tickets from € 15 before reduction). We can thus benefit from a 50% reduction on our tickets regardless of age or possession of a commercial card by reserving them between 5 days and the day before our departure.

With “1 week, 1 European destination”, we benefit from a reduction on tickets to Milan, Geneva, Amsterdam, Turin … For example, 15 € for a ticket for London in Ouigo this week, or € 39 by Eurostar from Paris.

And to book your vacation without stress, all tickets YesSncf until August 29 are 100% refundable and exchangeable up to 3 days before departure.

There are also reduced prices on Ouigo with tickets from € 10 to 41 destinations in France. For children, the ticket is at a fixed price of € 5 or € 8, depending on the departure and arrival stations. Please note: long journeys in Ouigo with young children can be restrictive (many people boarding, no bar car, limited luggage space, etc.). Reservations on vente.ouigo.com.

An SNCF loyalty card? Yes, but the good one!

First, you have to know that they are all at 49 €, and target it according to your needs. The map Family Advantage : 30% reduction for the adult holder of the card (nominative, no way to pass it to grandpa) and 60% for 3 accompanying children, but with a downside: a return trip including a compulsory weekend day.

The map Weekend guarantees – 30% on all trains, including 1st class and abroad, and 60% reduction for up to 3 accompanying children, from 4 to 11 years old. You have to make a return trip including a weekend day, by TGV, Intercités or TER. Senior Advantage (over 60) and Youth Advantage (12-28 years old) also guarantee – 30% on tickets.

Helping platforms

To book a ticket, trainline.fr unearths combinations that the SNCF does not offer, such as a journey mixing mainline trains, TER, Ouigo and non-SNCF trains (for a trip to Germany, for example). Overall, the prices are identical on both platforms but, on international trains, the advantage goes to Trainline, which compares the prices of many companies and can save up to € 90 for a ticket sold by the SNCF. However, it will sometimes be necessary to accept connections or an extension of the journey time. Plane, train or carpooling? For the right choice, direction kelbillet.fr and rootze.com. The latter generates trips according to a given budget, in France and in Europe.