The madness of the pandemic, the hazards of life, the chaotic job market, the unpredictability of the weather and even your little heart respond to only ten formulas

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As crazy as it may sound to you, today’s world can be ordered with just ten mathematical formulas. Yes, the madness of the pandemic, the hazards of life, the chaotic job market, the unpredictable weather and even your little heart respond to only ten mathematical formulas. They rule our lives and, if you learn three of them, according to the BBC, you too can start to rule yours.

By steps. Where does such an idea come from? Well, from the university of Uppsala, in Sweden, where the applied mathematics professor David Sumpeter published a book entitled The Ten Equations that Rule the World: And How You Can Use Them Too (“The ten equations that rule the world: and how you can use them too”). Promising. Although anyone might think that it is an obscurantist or conspiracy idea, the reality is quite far from there. Sumpeter refers to mathematical formulas that, in his understanding, “are hidden in plain sight.” In fact, knowing them you can “to be happier, to be a better person, and even to be richer or more successful“Come on, chollazo. His proof? Billionaires such as Jeff Bezos of Amazon, Bill Gates of Microsoft, Elon Musk of Tesla, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and the creators of Google, Serguei Brin and Larry Page, use, according to him, these same formulas to be the most powerful men in the world.

And what does it consist of? There are three equations: that of the bet, that of the reward and that of the influencer.

The bet equation

This formula was developed by Sumpeter with other colleagues who wanted to make money gambling, although later he realized that it was more useful and more than the world of gambling, he realized that he could apply it to other aspects of his life, such as business. It is about “thinking probabilistically” and trying to “find probability biases,” explains the BBC. The idea is to give small opportunities to those who you think have a remote chance of winning. More than once, you will be right, but above all you will learn to value small victories. Success is not just about succeeding overnight, but accumulating successes day by day.

The reward equation

This formula will help you to know if you like your habits and want to maintain them or if it is time to change them. The so-called “tracking variable” will help you see if you do things out of inertia or if they bring you some truth. “To explain how it works, he gives as an example a series that we are watching, and that we do not know if it will be worth following until the end“There are so many other things on offer,” explains the BBC. You put a score of 0 to 10 for each chapter and divide by the total of chapters. The higher the average, the more it is worth everything you do. low average of 7, eliminates the drop.

The influencer equation

It is the famous algorithm that governs social networks, but landed in everyday life would be like saying: success calls for success. Surround yourself with realities that are working well to take advantage of their inertia.