With meat, fish, vegetables, sweet or savory, we discover the best recipes of Cyril Lignac, who is illustrated every day in the program “Tous en cuisine”, broadcast on M6.

Head chef and pastry chef of our screens, with him, cooking becomes child’s play. Thanks to his unstoppable culinary tips and his mouth-watering gourmet recipes, Cyril Lignac has found his place in our kitchen. And, to better discover the extent of his creativity at home, we test a wide range of his recipes, among the most appetizing. Thus, more classic fish lovers will succumb to a slice of fresh tuna at brunch time, while the more sophisticated will try a sea bream tartare with vanilla oil and mango for dinner. On the sweet side, Cyril Lignac sets the tone with desserts as neat as they are tasty such as vanilla and praline millefeuille or also profiteroles with vanilla whipped cream and mango coulis. With such recipes at the table, it’s hard not to be satisfied at the end of the meal.

In addition to being tasty, Cyril Lignac’s recipes are always tinged with originality. The chef and pastry chef likes to play with the flavors, textures and shapes of his dishes. We swap our famous cheesecake cakes for cheesecake toast. A miniature size ideal for breakfast to enjoy with a hot coffee. Speaking of hot drink, the succulent wake-up cappuccino is available in a gourmet dessert with exotic fruits. We thus discover for dessert the cappuccino of exotic fruits and Mikados, with mango, papaya and banana. And, thanks who? Thank you Cyril Lignac.

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