First prize: 195,000 pounds sterling. Or just over € 231,000. That’s enough to afford an exotic supercar, capable of supernatural performance. Not at Land Rover. At this price, the British firm barely deigns sell you a large riveted aluminum box “bolted” to an antique ladder frame; in other words, a rustic Defender in its original version.

Explaining (in part) the colossal sum to pay to settle (uncomfortably) at the wheel of such a machine, it is here a question of an exclusive limited series of 25, paying tribute to the Camel Trophy, the famous adventurous competition born at the dawn of the 1980s.

This Trophy version, as irresistible as it is unaffordable, did not however lead to the construction of new cars per se. It is actually the result of the reconditioning of Defender Works V8, those initially built between 2012 and 2016, and indifferently chosen in their short 90 and 110 Station Wagon bodies. Under their hood, a “big fat” 405 hp naturally aspirated 5.0 V8 mated to an original ZF 8-speed automatic transmission. Yum !

The Classic division of the brand does not stop at styling them, however, after repainting them in an evocative Eastnor Yellow livery. The suspensions, the steering and the brakes, here using 4-piston calipers at all four corners, are reinforced. Always with a view to intensive off-road use, these “Def” receive, among other things, a long-range headlamp ramp, a winch at their bull bar and a raised air intake.

Because despite their unit price, these 25 crown jewels are immediately brought to do battle in the worst conditions. Their happy owners will indeed take possession during a 3-day competition, organized for them on the grounds of Eastnor Castle, Land Rover’s favorite area, located in the west of England. This is why these Defender Trophy are also equipped on board a roll cage. and Recaro bucket seats. Yes, but in black Windsor leather please.

Interested in a mud bath at the controls of an overpriced 4 × 4? Unfortunately, it is already too late. The 25 copies found buyers in just three days according to our eminent British colleagues at Autocar. Besides these Defender Works V8 Trophy, equipped with a mechanics meeting the Euro 5 standard, cannot be registered in France. This is perhaps the most annoying …

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