Auto123 updates” 2022 Infiniti QX55 review.

Infiniti’s new QX55 “coupe” SUV shares many elements with the QX50, but is aimed at a younger group of buyers, according to Infiniti. The latter prefer a more racy style to the practical aspect. They love a good looking vehicle that drives well, and that is exactly what Infiniti has strived to offer them.

Inside, the QX55 loses a few millimeters of headroom up front compared to its squarer sibling, but that’s not enough to be noticed; I had no problem wearing a cap and lifting my head without hitting it against the ceiling. The sitting position in the “zero gravity” seats is absolutely correct. I expected to be tilted back a bit because I thought the styling of the vehicle warranted it, but that’s not the case at all, and the seats are very comfortable and soft. However, the fact that they are only adjustable in eight positions means that some people might struggle to find the perfect balance.

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Then, your experience with the vehicle will depend on your ability to cope well with the two huge screens that sit at the center console. They’re big and bright, but traditionalists will be happy to know that they won’t be forced to use touchscreen functions for everything, as there are buttons on either side for air conditioning, heating / cooling control. seats and multimedia controls. And of course, there’s support for Android Auto and, for the first time in an Infiniti product, the Apple CarPlay system is offered wirelessly. Ironically, there is no wireless charging, which makes the latter feature a little less useful than it would otherwise be., 100% online, shop for your car, buy online and we deliver to you in Quebec!

Infiniti QX55 2022, profile

Infiniti QX55 2022, profile

In the rear, unsurprisingly, space is more limited than in the QX50, but the QX55 has reclining backrests and slides to move the seats forward and backward. Even with my 6’3 “build, I was able to settle in.

Also, being able to slide these seats improves cargo space. That’s good news, because with this sloping tailgate, you can’t stack cargo that high in the back; the QX55 loses 127 liters of cargo space compared to the QX50.

So you sacrifice a bit of practicality for the sake of style, but it all fades as soon as you boot up the QX55. It all comes down to this engine which is a real gem.

Infiniti QX55 2022, three-quarter rear

Infiniti QX55 2022, three-quarter rear

This is the second time that we have found Infiniti’s 4-cylinder variable-compression turbo (VC-Turbo) in Canada and it achieves the feat of offering the fuel economy of a Diesel engine as well as the performance and smoothness of a gasoline turbo engine. He does this by doing exactly what his name suggests; change the compression ratio from 8: 1 to 14: 1 in the blink of an eye.

That’s the idea, in theory. In practice, it delivers acceleration and speed worthy of a performance SUV (or even a performance car) thanks to its 268 horsepower and 280 pound-feet of torque transmitted to all four wheels via the work of a continuously variable automatic transmission. Yes, a CVT – a type of transmission that generally does not offer great driving sensations – but Infiniti has tuned its own by providing it with “virtual” shift points selected by paddles mounted on the steering wheel, so it doesn’t look like the Honda, Subaru, Nissan, and Jeep CVTs I’ve tried before. The automaker says it has also tuned the CVT differently than the QX50 because the buyers it targets will appreciate it that way. This is the case for me.

Infiniti QX55 2022, front

Infiniti QX55 2022, front

The bottom line is you have an absolutely awesome SUV that moves a lot faster than the numbers indicate. I’ve heard colleagues suggest that Infiniti would do well to offer a hybrid / plug-in hybrid version, but I’m not sure that’s necessary. The QX50 might be a different story due to its target audience, but adding a hybrid setup to the QX55 would eat up even more space – likely in the luggage compartment.

In addition, it would add additional weight, which would surely disrupt handling. Other than a little more body roll than expected, the QX55’s handling is perfect, although we have to trust it.

And why this assertion? This is because the QX55 uses a cable steering system. Basically, this means that there is a clutch between the flywheel and the front axle, and the driver’s commands are received electronically before being transmitted to the axle. The result is steering that allows you to individually adjust weight and responsiveness.

It’s great and the difference is easily noticeable, but you have to learn to trust the way the connection is made between the steering wheel and the wheels.

Infiniti QX55 2022, interior

Infiniti QX55 2022, interior

In addition to the built-in driving modes such as Standard and Sport, there is also an individualized setting which allows you to set your own parameters. This is all done through menus displayed on the lower of the two screens.

I don’t like, however, being forced to use that same screen to turn the various driver aids on and off. I would prefer to do this using buttons or at least through a menu appearing in the gauge group; this would ensure that you don’t have to take your eyes off the road.

There are many driving aids: assistance and intervention in the blind spot, assistance with centering in the lane, assistance in keeping the lane, assistance in front collision, etc. Only a few can be changed using quick access buttons. And the one I would like to see accessible via a button, but which is not, is lane keeping assistance. I find these systems boring because they swing us from line to line. I wish I could turn it off at the push of a button.

But it’s a small detail. The QX55 is all about growing Infiniti, and judging by the interest shown (from a distance, of course!) By many in their thirties during my test drive, the vehicle has the styling it needs to fulfill its mission. Infiniti also showed me that it is on the right track when it comes to performance.

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Infiniti QX55 2022, three-quarter front

Infiniti QX55 2022, three-quarter front

WE love

Superb style
VC-Turbo engine is fantastic
“Zero gravity” seats

We like less

Little management feeling
Shallow cargo space

The main competition

Audi Q5 Sportback
Bmw x4
Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe

Infiniti QX55 2022, rear

Infiniti QX55 2022, rear



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