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The 2021 Rolls-Royce Ghost has now arrived in Quebec, and The Car Guide was invited to a special presentation of this luxury sedan at the Rolls-Royce Quebec dealership. Let's get it right now, even if the model fully respects the stylistic codes of the brand, it is brand new. In fact, the only elements preserved from the earlier model are the mythical Spirit of Ecstasy, which adorns the grille, and the umbrellas integrated into the rear doors …

According to Gad Bitton, President of Rolls-Royce Quebec, “The Ghost represents a new approach for Rolls-Royce. As much as the Phantom is opulent and ostentatious, the Ghost represents a much more subtle post-opulence philosophy. Also, the fact that it is available with all-wheel drive will meet the demand of our customers ". The Ghost is expected to account for nearly 50% of Rolls-Royce's Montreal dealership sales, while the Cullinan SUV is expected to take up the other half. Gad Bitton specifies that Rolls-Royce Quebec sells between fifty and sixty new Rolls-Royces per year, and as many used vehicles of the famous English brand. On the other hand, the Montreal dealership ranks first in the brand for sales and customer satisfaction for Canada, second for North America and third globally, which is rather impressive.

Between $ 475,000 and $ 515,000

About fifteen copies of the Ghost have already been sold for pre-order by Rolls-Royce Quebec, with a price ranging between $ 475,000 and $ 515,000, depending on the options, while 5% of customers have taken advantage of the program. Bespoke to create a unique car, designed according to the tastes of the buyer.

Built on an all-aluminum architecture, and powered by a 6.75-liter twin-turbo V12 engine developing 563 horsepower and 627 lb-ft of torque, the new Ghost is both longer and wider than the previous model. It also stands out as being the most advanced model of the brand on a technical level. The standard all-wheel drive allows you to drive in all weather conditions, and the four-wheel steering enhances the agility of this luxury sedan. The connections to the ground are provided by an air suspension improved by the addition of a shock absorber connected to the front upper triangle, a device called Planar Suspension System by engineers. In addition, the front-mounted camera constantly scans the roadway and, working in concert with the data collected from the navigation system. This allows the suspensions to be preconditioned for future shakes or body movements.

100 kilos of soundproofing material

In terms of comfort and convenience, the Ghost's doors can be opened and closed by electric control, while the car is equipped with a high-performance ambient air filtration system, which removes the microparticles present in the vehicle. passenger compartment in less than two minutes. Convenient for seasonal allergies … Also, the new Ghost uses more than a hundred kilograms of soundproofing material in the doors, roof, double glazing, and tires, to ensure peace of mind and serenity on board. Even the air conditioning air intake manifold, which was deemed too noisy during tune-up, has been polished to reduce the noise of the air stream. The audio system has 18 speakers and a 1300-watt amplifier and the leather upholstery, made up of 338 elements, is made with leathers taken from around twenty half-skins. We also notice the absence of stitching in the elaborate design, the designers preferring straight stitching in a spirit of minimalism. In addition, designers have developed the Illuminated Fascia, a set of 850 stars integrated into the cabin, created by 152 LED-type lights and 90,000 laser-cut dots to create a most relaxing atmosphere on board.

So much for this overview of the new Ghost that The Car Guide will have the opportunity to drive over the next few months. Stay in touch for our upcoming driving impressions of the most recent Rolls-Royce …

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