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trampa supermercados - 20 psychological traps that supermarkets use to spend more | Industry

This trick is very common in the wine area, but it is also used with sausages, and other products in which there are offers in the entire price range. Expensive products, for example reserve wines or Iberian ham, are placed on wooden shelves, of higher quality and exquisitely decorated and presented. In contrast, cheap wine or ham by weight is sold in shelves and trays of neutral plastic.

This gives category to the product, and It makes the customer believe that it is more prestigious to buy a product from the wooden shelf, although it costs more expensive.

Although it may not seem like it, it is a very effective trick.

Do not make accounts, buy

Have you noticed that in the super there are dozens of different offersAnd many of them offer strange data and curious combinations of figures and packs?

3×2, 2×1, second unit at half price, the cheapest for free, buy 2 and get 20% but if you buy 3 we make 50% … And our favorite: "The Kilo comes to X euros"Why do I want to know what a kilo is worth if only as a handful and it will take weeks to eat a kilo?

And the same goes for packaging. There are products that are sold by kilos, others by units, by dozens, in packages of 100 grams, of 150, 200, 500, 750 … By liters, by centiliters, by volume …

The goal is that you simply get tired of doing calculations. You can try, but after 15 minutes of comparing offers, calculate what you save or what it really costs you, with the mess of people and ambient music, you will probably end up with your head like a hype, and you will not look so much if a Thing is expensive or cheap. To the car that I'm tired and in a hurry …

Who has changed the site stuff?

trampas psicologicas supermercados utilizan gastes 0 - 20 psychological traps that supermarkets use to spend more | Industry

If you usually go to the supermarket often and buy more or less the same things, it is likely that the walk through the establishment has become a routine that you do without thinking. You always do the same route that goes through the 4 or 5 things you always buy, and you know by heart where they are.

This is a problem, from the point of view of marketing, because if the customer always makes the same route to the same products, he will not buy new items.

For that reason, every few months all the best selling products completely change location. This forces the clients to cross the whole enclosure until they find them, and to redraw new mental routes to reach them. Hopefully, you will discover some new product.

And when he gets used to changing it again …

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