20 light recipes easy to make

Looking for light recipe ideas for dinner? Here are twenty!

After the holidays, we want healthy, light and low-calorie meals. However, there is no question of not cooking something greedy: eating must remain a pleasure above all!

By favoring dishes based on vegetables, fruits and legumes and by reducing starchy foods, you can prepare very good things that will not make you gain weight.

We revisit the classics

Lasagna, risotto and pizza: essentials of delicious Italian cuisine! But when you want to cook light, banning all these specialties is not inevitable. You can replace the pizza dough with cauliflower, the rice with small spelled and remove the lasagna béchamel! Clever, right?

We cook vegetables in all their forms

In velouté, gratin, curry, minced Parmentier or salad, vegetables have their place in light cooking. Choose fresh, seasonal vegetables and do not hesitate to vary the preparation and cooking methods to enjoy yourself without being afraid of the figure displayed on the scale.

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Here are twenty inspirations for a light, easy and gourmet dinner!

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