19 tips to make your travel purchase on Cyber ​​Monday a success

From Monday 4 to Wednesday 6 November Cyber ​​Monday returns, the online shopping event that offers “promos” and exclusive discounts. Next, everything you need to know to take advantage of it.

Homework for the previous days

1. Define what and how much. The oversupply can be overwhelming and lead you to make bad decisions. To avoid buying "hot", I decided these days what you want to buy and how much you are willing to spend. If you already have air tickets, for example, focus on accommodation, car rental or travel insurance. If you know what you are looking for, you will concentrate on hunting the best offer.

2. Do the previous survey. It is very easy for you to fall into temptation if you see a 60% discount, but, if the base price was high, it is not a real deal. To really know if something is at a good price, investigate it these days to know the current prices. It is the best parameter.

3. I have the card ready. Check now that your card is enabled and what your purchase limit is, so that it doesn't surprise you at the moment. Tip: Check for additional promotions from your bank during the event.

4. That the offers go to you. Register on the official CyberMonday site before 00 on November 4, so you can receive news and offers before anyone else.

5. Anticipate. Cyber ​​Monday recommends that you also register on the websites of the participating companies to accelerate your purchase process later. These are the ones that participate in the Travel category.

6. Find out about the dollar stock. I took into account the effects of the measures taken by the Central Bank of Argentina regarding the new dollar stock. Here we leave six keys for you to understand.

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Tips for the event

7. Use only the official Cyber ​​Monday website. For security, I accessed the companies that participate in the event only through the official site. Pages that are safe for online shopping show a lock at the top of the web.

8. Take advantage of the filters. When you choose a company, determine the price range and use all available filters to refine the search.

9. Make dates more flexible if you are looking for flights. The more flexible you are, the more chances you are going to have to find good prices. Above all, keep in mind that fortnights usually charge more faces, so try making different combinations and changing the number of days.

10. Review several pages if you are looking for agencies. As they are handled with different combinations of flights and airlines, sometimes similar packages or the same destinations may have different prices. Therefore, it polls several travel agencies until the indicated offer appears.

11. I took into account the Bomb MegaOffers and the surprise hours. These are two of the novelties that will be implemented this year in Cyber ​​Monday. At certain times there will be unmissable discounts. Here we tell you what the measures consist of.

12. Did you like it? Buy it. Another key rule for this type of event: if you were interested in an offer, buy at the moment. It is possible that he will no longer be there.

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13. Leave a record. To prevent, you can register the offer that interests you with screen or photo print, as a testimony. It is to be used in case differences arise later.

14. Check if there is stock. When there are great discounts, products and services sell out quickly. If what you chose is sold out, do not advance in the purchase process.

15. Pay attention to the fine print. I always read the purchase conditions so as not to surprise you later. If you bought a ticket, check what type of luggage is included and how are the stops. If a 10-hour flight ends up being 40 on the stops, it may not be a good idea.

16. Check the quote. In an unstable economic context, it is important that you check the price of the currency on the day you make the purchase (especially if you buy tickets or hotels in a payment with another currency), to effectively know how much you are spending.

17. Analyze the payment options. Sometimes financing may be more attractive than the final price. In international airlines, the norm is that they offer a payment in dollars, while local agencies and airlines usually have fixed fees in pesos. Tip: if you are a frequent traveler, check your miles, because there is usually an exchange with discounts.

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Post purchase

18. I demanded ticket or invoice online. That document and the transaction on the card are your vouchers. If the invoice did not arrive in the mail, check the notifications, social, promotions or spam folders. Tip: take a screenshot or take a photo of the purchase, just in case.

19. Communicate with the company. What to do in case of any inconvenience? From Cyber ​​Monday they indicate that you have to communicate directly with the company with which the purchase was made, to help you solve it.

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