15 variations of cheese fondue, really irresistible

Remember the holidays in the mountains, the Savoyard fondue that was scraped the pot in this restaurant altitude, we really want to redo it once down! Convivial, invigorating and tasty, the fondue is a dish that, as its name suggests, is a blend of cheese and white wine, we love it! But the cheese fondue deserves to go beyond the Savoyard traditions, and to invite other cheeses in its composition to add even more gluttony to share.

Cheese fondue is easy! The recipe of the Savoyard fondue is simple, provided you follow some rules all the same, to choose the right cheeses (pasteurized cheeses are excluded from the outset), the right ingredients and to have the right equipment. We do not give you one, not two, but 15 cheese fondue recipes to warm up your winter evenings. Yes, 15 recipes of fondues more or less Savoyard, and the hardest, it will be to choose by which you will begin …

The traditional ingredients of the Savoyard fondue

For 4/5 people:
300 g of Comté cheese, 300 g of Beaufort cheese, 300 g of Emmentaler cheese, 50 cl of Savoy white or Mondrian type of white wine, 3cl of kirsch + 1 clove of garlic, 1 pinch of bicarbonate and 1 teaspoon of Maïzena

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The recipe of the true Savoyard fondue

  • Start by rubbing a fondue pot (a kind of glazed pot that resists heat) with a clove of garlic.
  • Heat the white wine with the Maïzena until simmering.
  • Add them cheeses diced or slicedthen let it melt, stirring constantly.
  • The secret: train 8 with a wooden spoon.
  • Once the mixture is homogeneous, possibly add a kirsch and sieve bicarbonate through a small strainer to avoid lumps.
  • Pepper and serve while maintaining moderate heat on a fondue stove.

The fondue must remain homogeneous, of "semi-liquid" appearance, and not form packets when dipping bread.

Be careful, some cheeses harden quickly, especially hard pressed pasta like Comté, Emmental, Gruyère … So be sure to maintain a average heat.
On the other hand, know if you use vacherin that it does not support a too strong heat …
Attention therefore to the cheese chosen.

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And do not fool yourself (yes, that's the name of this special casserole for fondue), require a device specifically designed for cheese fondue.
A shopper on Amazon for example, around 50 € for good material.

And with fondue cheese you also need:

No fondue without bread. Purists prefer it campaign and a little stale (The bread of the day is perfect). So we do not decide to make a fondue the same day, but one to two days before.
You can quite simply use the baguette, let it dry a bit and harden.

A clove of garlic will rub the pot before putting the cheeses, to subtly perfume the fondue. It does not look, but it is essential for a successful Savoyard fondue.

Dry white wine
It is chosen, if possible, from the same region as the chosen fondue. It is used to perfume and liquefy the cheese blend. The white wine will evaporate gradually as it loses its alcohol content. No problem for children.
Be careful not to put too much anyway …

Maizena and bicarbonate
Baking is used to make the fondue more digestible. And it's not a vain gesture!
Maizena, for its part, acts as a binder that makes the fondue creamy and homogeneous.

Vary the types of fondue: 15 variants of the Savoyard recipe

Ingredients for 4 to 6 people

The Swiss fondue: 300 g of Gruyère, 300 g of Emmentaler, 300 g of Appenzel or Friborg (possibly 250 g and 50 g of Sbrinz, a cheese that resembles parmesan cheese), 50 cl of Swiss white wine type slicing Valais, 3 cl from kirsch

The Jura fondue: 1 kg of Comté cheese, 50 cl of Jura white wine, 3 cl of kirsch

The Vaudois fondue: 1 kg of Gruyère, 50 cl of Swiss white wine, 3 cl of kirsch

The Friborg fondue: 1 kg of vacherin, 50 cl of Swiss dry white wine, 3 cl of kirsch

The Appenzell fondue: 1 kg appenzeller, 50 cl preferably dry Swiss wine, 3 cl kirsch

Half Friborg Fondue: 500 g of vacherin, 500 g of Gruyère, 50 cl of dry white wine, 3 cl of kirsch

Neufchâtel fondue: 500 g of Gruyère cheese, 500 g of emmental cheese, 50 cl of dry white wine, 3 cl of kirsch

Valaisanne: 1 kg of raclette pasture (very important not to use industrial raclette), 50 cl of dry Swiss white wine, 3 cl of kirsch

The fondue at Mont d'Or: 1 kg of Mont d'Or, 50 cl of dry white wine, 3 cl of kirsch

The fondue with morels (ceps or truffle): Base of your choice with wine and garlic + 100 g of fresh ceps or fresh morels (or 30 g of dried and rehydrated), or 1 tablespoon of finely chopped truffle, 3 cl of kirsch.
guaranteed delight!

Goat cheese fondue: 700 g of Emmentaler or Comté or Gruyère or Vacherin, 300 g of goat cheese (more or less dry according to taste), 50 cl of white wine of Savoie or Jura, 3 cl of kirsch

Fondue with blue and cantal: 500 g of Comté, 200 g of Cantal, 300 g of fourme d'Ambert, 50 cl of white wine not too dry, 3 cl of kirsch

The Italian fondue: 300 g young parmesan, 300 g gorgonzola, 200 g pecorino (dry sheep cheese), 200 g mascarpone, 50 cl Italian white wine

Norman fondue (without garlic): 300 g Camembert, 300 g Pont-L'Evêque, 300 g Livarot, 100 g cream, 10 cl milk, 5 cl Calvados (replaces the kirsch), 1 to 2 shallots shallots

The Alsatian fondue: 500 g of Emmentaler, 200 g of Comté cheese, 300 g of munster, 50 cl of Alsace white wine, 1 pinch of ground cumin, 3 cl of kirsch

When your fondue is a problem, our solutions

> Fondue too thick : Your Savoyard fondue recipe lacked liquid. Add wine and stir constantly with the wooden spoon.
> Fondue too liquid : add a little Maizena in rain through a small colander and stir.
> Fondue not creamy enough : add a little thick cream, or diluted Maïzena in a little cold wine.

Savoyard fondue, digestion side

The tradition wants us to finish the bottom of the caquelon when we no longer have bread by slicing an egg. However, be careful to have the intestines well hung because the cheese remains one of the most difficult food and the longest to digest. It must be known (especially if you have to provide a dessert). Then do not scrap the fondue pot, even if it's super tempting! What's left is all the fat of the cheese, and it's well-cooked and annealed cheese, in short, an atomic bomb to digest! Yes, it's sad, but we must accept to spoil a little …

And to accompany your Savoyard fondue, opt for an aperitif or a light dessert:

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