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This Sunday, the Grand Prix of Tuscany marks the 1000th Grand Prix of Scuderia Ferrari in F1; and even if the Maranello team will not be able to expect, on a regular basis, an exceptional result on their track, the symbolic mark remains very strong.

So what does the name Ferrari mean to most team managers in the paddock?

To begin with, Maranello’s child, who started out as an intern at Ferrari, Mattia Binotto, mentioned his emotion but also his responsibility.

“On a personal level, it's an honor. I think being here today with my current role, head of Scuderia Ferrari and director of the team, and in a way saluting the 1000 Grands Prix is ​​certainly a responsibility, but it is is above all an honor because it is a great story. It’s been so long since 1950, Ferrari has always been there, it’s never stopped. So in the end, I think it's really an honor, because when I was a kid I was a fan. And so, I never thought I could be here. "

Günther Steiner, closely linked with Ferrari on the Haas side, recalls the memory of a certain Austrian … It is for him his greatest memory linked to the Scuderia.

“I think it was when Lauda came back from his big accident in the 1970s. I remember getting up at night, watching him when he made his return to Japan, when I think 'he lost the championship. Coming from northern Italy, everyone was sure to support Ferrari and Lauda's success. This is the memory I have of Ferrari. This remains true – and I think it's a great company. She does a lot for Formula 1, she has done it over time. They have over 1,000 Grands Prix now, which is a number, but it’s a big number. So, yes, that's part of it. "

Franz Tost also comes back to him on the memory of the Computer … but not only.

“When Niki Lauda won at Jarama, I remember it very well. There were also many other special events. I remember when Jacky Ickx was second behind Jochen Rindt at the Hockenheimring, I prayed to God that he would stay behind. Of course, Ferrari is the best-known brand in Formula 1. It has been present in Formula 1 from the very beginning and has had very good times where it won races and won championships. The last very successful period was that of Michael Schumacher and it was a fantastic moment. I was also a little involved in it because I was working with Weber's management, with Michael Schumacher. I can only congratulate Ferrari on this 1000th Grand Prix and wish them another 1000 races. "

Ferrari's rival Christian Horner with Red Bull also recognizes the iconic character of the red brand, and the role of Michael Schumacher in its history.

“I'm not as old as Franz so I'm not going back to the '60s and' 70s, but look, Ferrari is an iconic team. Those red cars, when you see them … I remember the V12s when Nigel Mansell and Gerhard Berger were at Silverstone. The sound of the engines was just incredible. There has always been this mystique about Ferrari and everything they've achieved over the years. And then, of course, the competition with them. When we started out there was the domination with Michael and the amazing work they did during that time and then the time with Alonso. They are tough competitors and a very, very big racing team, with a lot of history. Ferraris are synonymous with Formula 1. "

Finally, Frédéric Vasseur brings up a much more recent memory of Ferrari: the victory of his protégé Charles Leclerc last year at Spa!

“It’s last year with Charles at Spa for me. It was a great victory, even if the weekend was difficult (death of Anthoine Hubert). But for sure if you look at every decade they were still there, performing, winning races and it’s an honor for us to race with them today. We can all be proud of this and the history of F1 development over the past 50 years, it’s magic. "

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