After the arrival of the XXL holiday for the celebration of Easter, we inform you a series of recommendations so that you can plan your trip in advance, prepare your vehicle and enjoy a family plan without accidents and unforeseen events.

Always remember that in times of pandemic, in which distancing is still necessary, you should wash your hands well frequently, bring alcohol gel and sanitizer in the backpack to sanitize you and avoid inconveniences. Although the car has become one of the safest means of transportation to prevent the spread of COVID-19, it is also important that you consider disinfecting the surfaces of the vehicle used by other occupants, especially if those who travel are non-cohabiting drivers.

In this sense, although the use of chinstraps is not necessary if you travel with your family group, it is advisable to wear a mask if you are dealing with travelers with different addresses. Finally, always remember to ventilate the cabin as this reduces the amount of bacteria that can remain in the air.

These are the 10 tips to plan your trip and enjoy Easter traveling with your family:

one- Policy, documentation

All drivers who circulate on the routes of Argentina, both in cars and motorcycles, must do so with their driver’s license, driver’s ID, green card up to date, blue card if necessary and the tax on the registration of the vehicle . It is important that the car’s patents are legible, standardized and without attachments and if the car has CNG, the receipt and the valid wafer are necessary.

In addition, you must always have the Vehicle Technical Verification (VTV) up to date and the proof of the mandatory insurance policy in force. Also agree to process the Summer Certificate to circulate in those jurisdictions that have regulated its implementation, or some other control tool for the COVID pandemic such as Affidavits.

two- Fire extinguishers and beacons

It is mandatory to have a 1kg fire extinguisher not more than one year old, in order to control a fire in the event of an accident. Also, remember the two triangular beacons to signal accordingly in case of stopping on the side of the road, the towing sling and the cross wrench for the tires. Traffic law also recommends the use of a reflective vest to achieve greater visibility.

3- Put on your belt

Only as many people as there are seat belts can travel in a car or van since all passengers must be fastened. If minors travel, they must go in the corresponding seat (boosters) according to their age and weight. This applies not only to babies but also to children up to 15 kilos.

4- I complied with the service

Having the service up to date makes the safety of the car. It is always necessary to check the brake fluids, the engine oil, the correct operation of the lights for better visibility and the shock absorbers.

5- Check tire pressure

Correct pressure allows better control of the vehicle and facilitates the grip on the asphalt. Remember that if the pressure is insufficient or excessive, the wear of the wheels will be greater, the control of the vehicle will be much more difficult and when braking the car will not have the expected response. In addition, the drawing of the covers must have a legal depth that cannot be less than 1.6 mm.

6- Alignment and balancing

Alignment and balance are important as this prevents abnormal wear of the tires and therefore greater fuel consumption.

7- Do not carry luggage on the roof

It is not advisable to place objects on the roof of the vehicle as it can cause instability in driving since the center of gravity of the car can be raised.

8- Wear a helmet

If you choose to travel by motorcycle, remember to always wear a helmet, a reflective vest that increases the visibility of the occupants of the vehicle and comfortable and safe footwear that prevents your feet from slipping off the pedals or getting stuck when driving.

9- Just in case…

Although not required, it is always helpful to have a first aid kit, hydraulic jack, or jack on hand to replace a flat tire.

10- Rest and drink water

Although it is essential that the car is ready before taking a trip, it is also important that as a driver you prepare yourself. Especially if you are going to make long trips, it is best to dress in comfortable clothes and hydrate yourself.