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With auto shows and most other events canceled due to the pandemic, automakers are relying on digital communication to launch their new products. Last week, three car manufacturers VW, Kia Motors and Infiniti released videos showing their new vehicle models …

For car manufacturers, the advantage of digital communication is therefore that an event or a product launch can be discovered and rediscovered not only by the media, but also by the general public.

Covid 19 Infiniti Kia and VW rely on digital communication - ▷ Covid-19: Infiniti, Kia and VW rely on digital communication - Webmarketing & co'm

Kia Motors America for example unveiled its 2021 Sorento SUV online last week in a video. Although primarily intended for the media, nothing prevents consumers from visiting the Kia Media site. While the manufacturer had already anticipated this consumer affinity for digital, the site includes images that could have come directly from a television commercial.

For its part, Volkswagen also unveiled the all-new ID.4 electric SUV virtually on YouTube. The 15-minute video, uploaded on September 23, has already had over 180,000 views on YouTube alone!

Finally, Infiniti has unveiled its luxury model QX60 2020 worldwide in digital form via an immersive multimedia presentation. At the same time, it presented the manufacturer's new global headquarters in Yokohama, Japan.

The presentation film can also be viewed on various social networks: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

According to the statistics :

  • Videos are + 267% more effective in marketing compared to other content;
  • 45% of Internet users also watch more than an hour of video each day, on YouTube, but also on Facebook;
  • Purchasing increases by 144% through tests, reviews and / or video presentations.

You will understand, bet everything on digital communication, mainly promotional video, to make yourself known 😉

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